Main Characters

Liannah Desonai - Captain of her bounty crew for the Lemenian Empire - "Liah" and her gang round up Fallen from the borderlines of Tephonp - where the Black Scourge frequently rounds up straggling villages for harvest. Liannah deserted her home of Ttaigo shortly after the tragic events of Black Moon, which entombed the entire empire of Keikosa to an unknowable fate. The Desonai Dynasty claims that her soul is the prophesized collection of raw Orasae energy from the Beam of Eternity and demands that she returns to servitude under this anointed duty - but the two share conflicting perspective on the matter.

Teeko and Zola - Liannah's closest crewmates.

Alas, the biggest obstacle are the High Fallen themselves - mighty beings who possess the forces of Decedre (the God of Matter). Capturing High Fallen has been historically difficult - successful only a handful of times and usually aided by Elder Spirits.