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4am Shower webcomic

Little comics full of inspiration, happy times, and cute critters.

No Need for Bushido webcomic

Ina escapes an arranged marriage only to run into the samurai Yorikiro, the very man she was meant to marry. Unknown to Ina, he journeys to redeem his clan.

Lets Speak English webcomic

A fun autobiographical comic about the author’s experience as an English teacher in Japan.

Angel Guardian

Gersiel has been waiting for 15 years for his lazy student Kyrsiel to graduate. Now Kyrsiel has been given an important mission to protect the human Midori.

Inside OuT: A Yuri Tale

After confessing to her best friend and not being recognized, Hitomi questions her gender identity and decides to adopt an entirely different look.

Loud Era webcomic

A group of friends entering adulthood in the 1920s. They forge new friendships, face painful setbacks, and fight to evade their figurative demons.

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Girl Genius webcomic

Agatha’s dream of being a great inventor is unexpectedly granted when her genetics grant her genius skills and a mad scientist personality.

The Boy who Fell webcomic

A softhearted boy named Ren finds himself in Hell after falling off a rooftop and must partake in a tournament in order to get home.

Gale webcomic

With the help of his childhood friend Laurie Gambill, Gale attempts to solve the mystery of his father’s death that leads him deeper into a web of lies.

Stones of Anarchy webcomic

The story of two best friend rocks who on the continent of Nomandsland. Rolling Stone and Rare Earth Mineral go on adventures throughout the land.


In the Spirit World city of Myobu, under the rule of goddess Inari, Kitsune share a common ideal and culture, fighting for justice and living in harmony.


Their problems will soon seem small as these children learn of the return of true evil and fulfill their role as dream keepers.

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Monster Soup comic

A host of monsters are sentenced to live in an isolated castle must now confront the dark secrets in each other’s past.

Sister Claire webcomic

Claire lives a loving life as a child of the church until a cat named Grimm arrives to reveal to her the evils of the world and show her who she is.

Transypoo! webcomic

Transypoo! is a comic about a robot, his friends, and their adventures. Join the fun as they get into time traveling mischief, existential debates, and yell ironic comebacks.

Up to Four Players webcomic

Nadav skillfully leads his group of friends on a roleplaying adventure with Muna the hunter, Mac the mechanic turned gunslinger, and Raffaela the street urchin.

Kickman webcomic

A superhero and his trusted sidekick struggle to succeed in the dog-eat-dog, cut-throat-capitalist world of superheroics.

Special Martial Arts Extreme Hell Private High School webcomic

Dang Chiu enrolls in a martial arts school to better himself, but instead of curing himself he learns to embrace his oddities as a hidden talent.

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Black Haze webcomic

The famous black magician must go undercover at the famous magic school Helios to protect the duchess’s son Lidusis Dien Artian.

Shinbuki webcomic

In a world where people can materialize weapons, the boy Soma is a hidden master who must be trained to defend against evil organizations.

The Wastelands webcomic

A world left abandoned by its Gods. Mortals struggle to continue living with poisoned lands, corrupted guardians, and abandoned temples.


Follow the misadventures of a snake child from the magical kingdom.

I Don't Want to be This Kind of Hero

The talented telepath Naga wanted to live a peaceful life, but since being forced to join a crime-fighting organization his not-so-heroic life has begun.

Soul's Journey webcomic

Trapped in a wolf’s body a prince has to prevent a war.

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Werewolf Breading webcomic

A noble vampire called Teo started a breeding program to resurrect the extent werewolf species. Yuhn and Roa escape to take revenge against the vampires.

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 6.02.39 PM

John Carson is on the trail of the Heart Ripper serial killer. The case is getting complicated, but there is nothing that a dedicated detective can’t solve.

Dark White

Will these unlikely heros survive the evil plaguing their home. #survival

West Seven webcomic

After a life of isolation, and imprisonment by the authorities, Victor escapes to live and see beyond what the religion of the order teaches.

Darklings webcomic

Since the Roman Empire, a group consisting of both human and non-human champions have defended humanity from the monsters of myth and legend.

The Midnight Tea Party webcomic

The host Arcana welcomes you to a night of scary story telling. Each chapter offers the reader a new short story in the form of a rumour or moral tale.

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Household Affairs webcomic

She’s a lusty housewife and he’s an assassin. Both hold to their life-threatening secret as suspicion arises, but it’s not what they think.


Short stories about the greek gods’ tragic lives that include Zeus, Hades, Athena, Hephaestus, and more.

My Heart is Beating webcomic

Student Bae Sugu hides a secret passion for swimsuits. But one day his homeroom teacher catches him peeking and forces him to join a girls water polo team.

unTouchable webcomic

Vampire Sia Lee is in love with human Jiho and all she wants to do is steal his delicious energy, but his germ phobia makes him terrified of being touched.

The Girl Who Walks The Waves webcomic

After her divorce, Udi feels lost and drives until she reaches the beach. There she sees a group of surfers playing in the waves and decided to join them.

Screen-Shot-2015-02-04-at-10.22.32-AM copy

The world has moved into a scientific age where artificial bodies are possible, but these cyborgs struggle to gain a sense of individuality.

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Science Fiction

Tangled River webcomic

Tanya, a child born after an event that destroyed human civilization, now searches for the lost technology that her parents once knew.


The crew has long since forgotten their mission, but that doesn’t seem to matter. These catty girls are determined to explore the depths of space.

Earth in a Pocket

With only the contents of her pockets, anthropologist Halisi Mwangi must survive and teach the local alien denizens about humanity.


A crew of misfits travel from place to place trying to solve the mysteries of the universe.

Saint for Rent webcomic

Saint is from a family of time travelers and has inherited the CloverHouse Inn, a pit stop in the crisscrossing lives of his out-of-date friends and family.

Transypoo! webcomic

Transypoo! is a comic about a robot, his friends, and their adventures. Join the fun as they get into time traveling mischief, existential debates, and yell ironic comebacks.

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Twilight Trust webcomic

Douglas and Pyotr are agents of the Twilight Trust, specializing in paranormal investigation and monster extermination.

Stray Dog webcomic

Demon hound Toru gains an unexpected companion when the scientist Senri asks him to protect his daughter, but will the strong-willed Tsubaki accept his help?

UnderPrin webcomic

Despite living with his father who is a famous singer, Miryu enjoys a relatively normal life. Then comes a succubus who is looking for his father.

I Don't Want to be This Kind of Hero

The talented telepath Naga wanted to live a peaceful life, but since being forced to join a crime-fighting organization his not-so-heroic life has begun.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 9.37.24 PM

Yan, the adopted daughter of the king is prophesied to bring destruction. As civil war escalates, a man called GhostBlade comes to show her the truth.

The Gamer webcomic

Han Jee-Han was a normal student until he gained the ability of the gamer and his life became full of monsters, evil organizations, and quests.

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