Main Characters

Julian Drees

With intense emotions that trump his shyness, he's the most passionate high school senior you'll ever meet, with an affinity for cute animals, getting good grades, and following the rules. The only thing he hates more than getting in trouble is Landon Addison and the only thing he loves more than Sydney Morgan is the prospect of having an actual conversation with Sydney Morgan.

Isaiah Holloway

Julian's best friend since their first day of high school and the ace of the baseball team. He's humble, loyal, as nice as his smile (which is really, really nice), and knows how to cheer you up, even if you're having the worst day in your whole entire life.

Landon Addison

An annoying prankster, consistently known as the class troublemaker since before-anyone-could-remember-when. He's the self-proclaimed Godfather of High School, thanks to his strange ability to have connections everywhere and know everything that's going on... Or maybe he just has a lot of time on his hands.