Main Characters

Reah, Revenant (she/her)

A soft-spoken former nun turned into a demonic juggernaut by Lucifer after seeing her convent slaughtered by the Church's Inquisition. Her world fell apart that day and she's had to think on her feet ever since then, navigating an existence as a woman without femininity, a sister without a convent.

Tabitha Wylde, Sorceress (she/her)

A foul-mouthed former drag queen and prodigy of the sorcerous arts turned into a demon to take revenge on her tormentors. Despite her aligning herself with Lucifer, she does not share the deity's views and often clashes with Them.

Lucifer, God of Chances (They)

An elder deity supposed to watch over the cycle of death and rebirth of human Souls, who disappeared mysteriously 6 centuries ago. While still a divine being, They hold no power of Their own - only through awakening demons can They directly influence the material world.