Nightlight webcomic banner image

James is a vampire-like creature known as a night giant. He has a fascination with humans that gets him kicked out of his home.

Bagjwi Sayug (박쥐사육) webcomic banner image

Park Min Gyeom is a human with too much blood. Because of this he often donates, but one day he meets someone who needs that blood even more.

SPIRE webcomic banner image

To achieve a cure for vampires Blaise is piloting an airship to the legendary star spire which is rumored to grant wishes and anyone is invited to join.

Sophia and Frederick webcomic banner image

Frederick, a weak vampire who is doted on by his creator, makes friends with Sophia, an incredibly strong girl. She helps him escape his sheltered life.

Suckers webcomic banner image

A vampire sneaks into the bedroom of a teenage boy to get a drink, but gets caught. He then takes the opportunity to move into the house.

Midnight Coffee webcomic banner image

Matt finds himself attracted to a very girlish looking guy who happens to be a vampire.

Something Like A Phenomenon webcomic banner image

Newly turned vampire dealing with his new life, romance and other supernatural things, in mid 90s New York.