Main Characters

Faye True Eolande

Faye is the youngest daughter of the regal Lordship Gregory Eolande. Having been heavily sheltered from the world beyond the walls of Alba, a large portion of her life has been spent within the scrolls and books of days past. Faye was born with no voice. Over time some rumours have spread that her father traded it away to a sorcerer before she was even born; but truth be told no one really knows what happened.

Accel Domingo

“You know, going a day without being in a life-threatening situation? That’d be nice.”Accel was born into nobility, both royally and religiously. His family rules the blessed province of Estul and highly religious aristocrats. Unable to stand the demands of his family to act as a perfect noble; Accel eventually left the Vicarage in secret. His intent was on travelling the world and seeing whatever he could: free-spirited.