Main Characters

Cog Kleinschmidt

Cog is the resident artisan in Mercia Fortress who makes a living off doing odd jobs, such as fixing things and repairing machines. He has rebuilt his life there after the sudden death of his father and sister.

Boris Dareaurum Eberhart V

Boris is Cog’s best friend, and next in line to rule the Empire of Mercia. Boris is hot headed and snappy, but he harbors an unwavering love for his people, and will do everything in his power to keep them from harm.

Christian Vogal

Christian is a professor, the leader of Mercia Fortress’ Science Department, and Cog’s unofficial guardian. While Christian’s specialization as a chemist is not funded particularly well by the fortress, he makes up for those fall-backs with his own extensive research, and with his copious amounts of spare time partakes in “revolutionary” experiments.