Main Characters

Agatha Clay

The secret child of the evil scientist Lucrezia Mongfish. She grows up in the care of her foster parents Punch and Judy who hid her genius. Once she discovers her ability, she
escapes into the wider world in pursuit of her heterodyne inheritance.

Gilgamesh "Gil" Wulfenbach

The son of a criminal spark who was adopted by The Baron. He grew up in London with his friend Ardsly Whooster who became his assistant. He is training to take over his father's empire and is always inventing new things for his own amusement.

Tarvek "Storm King"

He is recognized as the prince of his country, but has little influence. He meets Agatha as part of his families' plan to resurrect her mother Lucrezia, but ultimately sides with the more caring Agatha whose inventive genius can help raise his status as a ruler.