Main Characters

Cheerful and irresponsible. This apprentice of Guardian Angel will make his teacher, Gersiel, lost his patience because his lack of interest in folllow the rules and his cool way of being.

Gersiel, one of the elite Guardian Angels and teacher of many others, was assigned tutor of Kyrsiel, his last student.

Gersiel has been trying during 15 years that his lazy student win his wings as Guardian Angel. This not only has been impossible to do, but it brought to him the mockery of the demons and angels.

Midori is a normal human student. She was not aware about the intense battle that was ocurring in the spiritual world, where demons are trying to chase her at take her to the Hell. Her Guardian Angel resulted wounded in one of those battles, so she was assigned as protected to Kyrsiel.

He has to keep her safe and avoid at any cost he can suffer any damage, so he could win his wings. The problem: Is Midoriu really safe being guarded for so lazy and irresponsible apprentice of angel?