Main Characters

Atsushi Ren / Nero

age: 13

A shy, soft-hearted transfer student who "accidentally" falls off the school rooftop on his first week. Now, he is stuck in Hell and has to fight his way home.
Despite his personality, he is a keen observer and can easily spot an assailant’s weakness (with the right encouragement).

Lord Devil

The King of the Two Hells.

He is mischievous, easily-bored and at times, quite mean.
The main reason why he pulled Ren into Hell in the first place was because he thought it would seem interesting.
In truth, every big decision he has ever made in his reign relies solely on whether or not he could get some entertainment out of it.

Pafhelo Sorian

A traveling fighter.

Her main goal in life is to make everyone aware that her clan is the most powerful in Hell.
She follows the Pafhelian Code of Gratitude, which is the reason why she is helping Ren win (or survive) the tournament.