Main Characters

Daniel: The main character of the comic, and POV character, a mercenary born from a middle-class working family, after being scarred in the military service, he was going to go back to his family, but ended up running away with his army's girlfriend. He ended up working as a mercenary from 2049 onwards to anyone willing to pay, even if some jobs aren't of his liking.

He ends up working under "Rouge" in the present, after she saved him from bleeding out, albeit, under the threat of his head exploding.

"Rouge"; the deuteragonist in the present, a mysterious leader of a rebel group who wants to abolish the dictatorship from her country, recruits Daniel after he's fatally stabbed, she infuses him with her nanomachines to speed up the process of his healing. Gives him an ultimatum to join her, which he accepts. Currently interrogating Daniel due his past

Anahí; A punk girl from Daniel's past, they had a rough meet up, both her being bruised and him slightly traumatized due the events earlier at his home and the car he was being transported in.
They ended up becoming a couple after meeting each other outside of training, dating in secret.
Both started to work as mercenaries in the year 2049.