Main Characters

Langston is a fiercely curious tinkering thief. If he doesn't know how something works, he will after about ten seconds of intense investigation with his self-designed Heads-up Goggles. He's the smartest person he knows, and all of that intelligence gives him a tendency to manipulate people, even those who he cares about the most. He doesn't care whether his adventures with Law involve protecting villagers from ravaging bandits or stealing the young from under the noses of innocent creatures. All he wants are for those adventures to continue.

Law thinks he's a real ladies' man. A hearthrob. A suave and debonair casanova. The key word here is "thinks". Despite his dashing rogueish looks, Law has a big ol' soft spot for cute little animals. Put him near a puppy and he melts into a useless puddle of goo-goos and gah-gahs. He is also an avid collector of paintings of ducks. He know he'll find a good use for his acrobatic skills and charming personality someday, but for now, Law simply wants to hone these abilities as best as he can. And that means getting to Adventurer's College as fast as he can.

All Crash wants is to get back home to the Tree of Time, (wherever that is) so that they can be with the rest of themself (whatever that means).
Crash doesn't know where they came from, or what they are, or really anything else for that matter. They are eagerly trusting of just about anyone they meet, and even in the most perilous situations, Crash remains joyfully oblivious to the threats surrounding them. Maybe that has something to do with the strange rainbow-colored energy Crash emanates when they are in danger.