Main Characters

Kelly, the "Battle Secretary," is the aide to Aleutian Intelligence Officer Major Joseph Somerton.

As a member of the Aleutian Military’s Land Forces Reconnaissance Command - Research and Intelligence Group, they are officially tasked with working alongside the local foreign government in Soyus to document, to survey border crossing activity into the town, and to serve as advisors to covert military units posted in the area.

As an aide, Kelly finds herself doing more of the former than the latter. Despite the seas of paperwork and re-routed comms calls that she handles for her commanding officer, Kelly’s prowess in combat greatly exceed her clerical work and coffee-making skills. These crafts were honed during her wartime tenure in the Aleutian Marine Reserves, and in various intelligence and direct action support groups following the Eight Year War, despite the fact that women are barred from serving in any front-line combat roles.

Major Joseph Lane is Kelly's commanding officer in the Aleutian Military's Land Forces Reconnaissance Command - Research and Intelligence Group.

His military experience includes his time in Special Operations units in the Aleutian Armed Forces, and more notably the Crimson Cell, which was an Aleutian security coordination team created to test the security of allied military installations, and the capabilities of the troops guarding them. His kind, yet mischievous demeanor, combined with his extensive experience in direct action operations, made the Crimson teams notoriously effective at exposing critical flaws in many allied facilities and units.

The public embarrassment of many of the commanding officers running these now vulnerable installations caused a shift in military politics, leading to the dissolution of the Crimson Cell.

Joe was re-assigned to his current unit, alongside Sgt. Kelly Ferngate, and are tasked with intelligence gathering, surveying, and unofficially advising for a governmental transition; a fancy job description for being shit-canned into a podunk throwaway unit.

Assuming the job was going to be of the cushy desk variety, Joe sometimes takes it a little too easy while on the clock, but is still a very dependable ally to have on your side, no matter what.