Main Characters

Devon Rider

Very driven by his dream, Devon is determined not to let anyone get between him and his music. He has a deep love of Rock, but doesn’t have a band yet! He’s uncomfortably tall and rather clumsy, but he’s pretty big hearted and tries his best to be a good brother.

Travis Foley

Jolly, optimistic, and goofy, Travis tries not to let too much get him down. He lost his eye in a childhood accident that he doesn’t talk about. He lives with Devon to avoid his abusive parents, and has a habit of preferring to deal with other people’s problems over his own.

Abby (Abigale) Flint

A very intelligent girl with her act really well put together. She’s looking into elite colleges. Most students know not to mess with her. She’s very independent and can be stubborn, but she really looks out for Devon and Travis.