Main Characters

Louise Barton

She was raised in the lap of luxury until her father was betrayed by his business partner – and the family lost everything. Now that she’s poor, she’s discovered that no one really taught her anything in her pampered life, so she’s been left with zero life skills. At least she’s aggressively passionate, because now she gets to learn everything…the hard way!

Bruce Daniels

A smart, hard-working student…with a ridiculously short temper. He’s also good at boxing, which means he pummels anyone who provokes him. His teachers have trouble balancing out their desire for Bruce’s success in school with the sad fact that he’s beating up WAY too many students. He also gets weirdly sensitive when people ask about his family…

Drew (Andrew) Grey

The pretty transfer student, immediately catches the eye of every girl in his class. Shrouded in mystery, he seems to be either a playboy with a wild sex life…or just a spacey weirdo. Either way, he’s very sweet! He really likes anime, which may explain some things.