Main Characters

Joy Ravenhurst is the youngest child of Grace and Kayin, born and raised in Maine, USA. Her parents aren’t sure if it was just sibling rivalry with her sister Hope that made Joy grow up in the image of her father but Joy grew very close to Kayin over a happy childhood filled with fishing, martial arts training, and Rocky movies. As she grew, Joy became curious about her parent’s past. Hints of the modern life they were trying to get Joy to adjust to were completely absent and Joy was insistent on finding out how her father could be such an excellent fighter when he claimed to be a fisherman for all his days. It was then that Joy was told of the Crests and the knights that protected them. This information undoubtedly inspired Joy more than anything ever could. The seemingly inevitable future of school and career melted away like a morning’s frost in the light of what Joy considers to be a much greater purpose. And now with stories of epic adventures, warriors with superhuman powers, and dreams of glory in pursuit of protecting all she loves, Joy trains harder than ever before because she honestly wishes to train to be the very best, like no one ever was. Joy now walks the path of knighthood to make her parents proud and return the love they’ve given her by living up to her father’s legacy of all things Crest. Will this young girl be able to tame the elements and earn the hearts of her Crests while her rivals from school shadow her journey? Go get ’em Joy! Gotta catch ’em all!