Main Characters

As a dustbunny that can speak, understand and read human languages, Bunny is an anomaly amongst his kind. He's also a grumpy loner with a massive ego and a figurative thorn in his side. All he wants to do is stay in his tree and read his small collection of books in solitude. He doesn't want anything to do with anybody; according to him, a genius like himself doesn't need anyone.

Flowers: Mixed Zinnias.

Dee Gerong
Dee was happily raised on a secluded farm by her grandmother and many, many chickens. She always knew she was a half demon, not a fact that caused her any trouble. It was only after being kidnapped by sailors and locked up with a certain ranting dustbunny did Dee learn what that truly meant... Don't let the teeth and prehensile hair scare you, Dee is a sweet, talkative and optimistic kid with only a wee mischief streak.

Flowers: Sunflowers