Main Characters

Hawke is a womanizing bounty hunter for Team Knuckle Up. Quoted for hanging out with other women while on the job or with Rush, Hawke has a natural way of dealing with the ladies through his pickup lines and innuendos. During one of his bounty hunts, Hawke teams up with Moon, a magician. As part of their ploy to retrieve her jewel, Moon transform Hawke into a woman in order to lure his bounty and trap him. Hawke’s initial terror yet thrill of his new female body turns to horror when he realizes Moon is unable to turn him back into a man - a problem further compounded when Jupiter scatters the jewel shards and revokes Moon's powers. Throughout his time as a woman, Hawke has to endure all the regular problems women have and how others treat him, from Jo-Jo relaxing him to the back problems of having a larger chest to Jake using innuendoes on him. To make matters worse, Hawke learns that Moon employed a powerful spell that can make him act more feminine at random moments. Even though he is in a woman’s body, the other women still treat Hawke like a man, blindfolding him whenever he is in the springs or showers with them. Throughout all these experiences, Hawke comes to better appreciate women and is more sensitive to their needs, going so far as to sacrifice his own manhood to save Rush. Hawke is an expert swordsman and martial artist. In the Rascals universe, Keith plays Male Hawke while Paige plays Female Hawke. Keith and Paige are twins.

Rush is a bounty hunter for Team Knuckle Up. Rush has a huge crush on Hawke that Swoop and Moon like to tease her about often. Rush’s mood changes depending upon Hawke’s situation, from utter terror of finding his clothes in the middle of the street to rage when she believes him to be having sex with another woman. Despite her harsh demeanor, Rush will do anything for Hawke. Rush does not trust Saint as he has gotten quite a few over on her from those nude images of her that ended up online. To note, Rush’s activities did secure the K-U-1 from Saint in addition to being ranked the number one on the Galaxy’s Sexiest Bounty Hunters. Despite having multiple opportunities to tell Hawke how she feels about him, Rush gets cold feet around him. Rush leaves Knuckle Up after a misunderstanding in which she believes Hawke cheated on her with Jupiter. Rogue, Rush met up with Deva to join her crew with Swoop, who has always sided with Rush as they go way back from their first days when Swoop hired her to be her body guard. Rush becomes insecure with her body figure and asks Deva for a new body using her jewel shards. After becoming Deva’s lover, Rush receives her new body and a new mind. In the Rascals universe, Megan plays Rush.

Swoop is a bounty hunter for Team Knuckle Up. Unlike Hawke and Rush, Swoop has a dragon and bipedal form that she can easily switch in between. Unlike most dragons, she has no wings and thus not yet mastered flight. Initially seen naked in Knuckle Up, she is now fully clothed. Swoop is actually a princess who ran away from her home world of Raxion years ago to escape an arranged marriage that her mother organized. Free, Swoop hired Rush to be her body guard. Swoop fully trusts Rush, going so far as to ask her to pose as her lover whenever she returned to Raxion while hiding from Rita and siding with her on her issues. Swoop has a longer lifespan compared to the others as her mother hinted that she is over 300 years old. In the Rascals universe, Lenna plays Swoop.