Main Characters

Agatha "Aggie" Ferrigan

As the oldest of nine children, with mostly absent alcoholic parents, Aggie is overwhelmed with her household responsibilities. Often strung-out, she uses her friends and romantic interests as an escape from her home life. Unfortunately she often associates with unsavory individuals, much to the chagrin of her friends (such as Clarabelle).

Clarabelle "Cal" Galen

Friendly, cheerful, and welcoming are three words that describe Clarabelle well. She prides herself on her hospitality, coming from a wealthy family whose generosity has made them a prominent fixture in the community. Family is important to Clarabelle, who holds her parents in high esteem.

Joseph Harper

Joseph is an extroverted and gregarious young man who enjoys being the center of attention, managing his position there with ease. A childhood injury that severely damaged his legs left him much shorter than his peers and requires that he use a cane. He doesn't care for people who try to treat him delicately because of his condition and will directly tell them so.