Main Characters

Tina's energetic, fun, perhaps a bit naive... but very attached to her family and friends. Nekomimi are rare where she lives, so when she ran into another catgirl as kid, she immediately latched on. She loves thinking big, and as a result has developed a sense of adventure up to the task. She hopes to carry on her families restaurant one day, even though she's still got a lot to learn about cooking. For now, she works as both a waiter and a store clerk.

As the more mature, level headed member of the group, it often falls on Yuki to keep everyone grounded. Still, she does enjoy having fun, and appreciates Tina for getting her to try out new things. They've known each other since they were kids, and although she found Tina to be rather annoying at first, eventually they bonded and now she's pretty much the " big sister" of the two.

This meka obsessed nekomimi has both spunk and the smarts do back it up. She grew up on sci-fi anime and dreams of one day building her own "knight of the stars", a mobile, flight capable battle suit. But while the technology catches up to her imagination, she is content building models and tinkering with electronics. She is new to the collage where the other girls attend, and was very surprised to run into them.