Main Characters

Tina may not be the brightest bulb in the box, or the sharpest tool in the shed, or the- okay you get the point. Tina is a clutz, a bit self-centered, and well a tigress. However, don’t be fooled, she does care deeply for her friends and family. That aside, it was Tina’s own desire to become a full blown tiger using a strange concoction which was ultimately the cause of Nekonny’s condition. Feeling slightly responsible, and much to his dismay, Tina has vowed to take care of her new found pet, and help and guide him through the “Way of the Cat,” or something like that.

Yuki is easily the “big sister” of the ragtag group. She has an unmatched maturity between the three, and a keen sense of reading people. She acts as an arbitrary limiter for Tina, knowing exactly how to handle her and keep things in control. Easily considered manipulative, however, she always has good intentions at heart. While usually kind, perverts beware as Yuki has little tolerance in such matters. While she’s not one to brag, she has nice full figure, and general mastery of whatever she tries (much to Tina’s own often disappointment.) It’s anyone’s guess what she’ll have to juggle as their vacation unfolds.

Maya’s life is much like her left ear... full of holes. From her discovery in the lighthouse on a stormy night little known about her past or how she came to the island. Raised and cared for by now former Governor of Caribbean Blue, “Auntie” Rose, her life has been a rocky one at best. With her similarities to the historical ‘Nekocat’ she received plenty of scrutiny and criticism. Her presence often seen as a bad omen. This constant treatment over the years has had its effects on her, and with the arrival of Nekonny and his friends, it’s anyone’s guess what might happen next!