Main Characters

Michelle Vinson

"Mike is 17 years old, despite how she looks. She likes her eggs soft-boiled, and for some reason claims that bacon is a food made from heaven. She's a little intolerant to dust, maybe because she is kept indoors often. If she asks for a gummy bear, don't allow her because that's a sign that you are allowing you to ransack all your whole food storage. Don't forbid her to do anything because it'll make her do it anyway, keep her occupied with a mystery story or just turn on the TV. If you find her in the street looking lost or getting in trouble, her social security number is XXX-XXX-XX or just call me at (COUNTRYCODE)XXX-XX-XXX." ~ Gerald


A mysterious person who appeared when the box was opened. He doesn't remember his past life.

"Strongest nanny in the world." ~ Mike

"Nobody really knows who he is." ~Gerald