Main Characters

Aaron Stefflin is the main protagonist in this version of the tale. He was supposed to go fishing with his brother Mark, and it never happened. An un-returned phone call quickly escalates into a missing persons investigation, with the stakes growing more drastic and the reasons for it growing more convoluted by the hour! Will he find his brother alive? Will he himself survive? The hostility he receives from the local Sleet Mountain plant suggests to him that he's one cat destined to be killed by his curiosity!

Chris Kennal wasn't always the Purge-Flare of Earth-G7 lore. In this version of this story (Earth-G5), it's unclear if he ever will become the Purge-Flare. Back in 2009, he was merely a water bottling plant worker at Sleet Mountain Lower Northern in Stanwood, MI. He is a friend to the Stefflin brothers; though he may know more about what happened to Mark than he's letting on.

Monica Shelly is a friend of Aaron's with access to lab equipment. Aaron learns after being kidnapped by George and Kyle that Mark's disappearance was so much more than just "work as usual." Pollution, corruption, organized crime, homicides...the list of sketchy things going on at Sleet Mountain was piling up fast!

If Aaron couldn't find his brother, he was determined to at least finish his brother's job of exposing the company! And Monica was to be his ticket to doing exactly that! However...there's no way he can seek her help, without her also becoming a target!

Will their friendship endure yet another attempt on their lives by Sleet Mountain thugs?