Main Characters

Daran Phillips doesn't actually appear visually in the story, but his lecture to his gang serves as opening exposition to catch readers up on what's happening, before the actual story content begins. He is the cousin of Ashley Phillips, the woman Chris seeks to avenge.

Chris Kennal now preys on Gleeful-N'-Young human traffickers, using a variety of deadly weapons, most of them laced with pyrotechnic compounds laced with potassium chloride.

His goal is to use this purple fire to make his enemies think Extirpon is hunting them down, to use that fear to demoralize them. His mask also imitates an especially angry Extirpon's rock monster mode appearance, complete with the glowing white eyes of doom.

He is a former water bottling plant worker with a chip on his shoulder, turned vigilante after a series of betrayals led to him being tricked into murdering his own best friend and coworker, Mark Stefflin.

His rage was especially fueled when his crush, Ashley, was kidnapped by Gleeful-N'-Young, then gang-raped repeatedly in a Kentucky brothel. He's sworn to punish everyone that made her suffer - eventually, including himself!

Part of the Padua Network of hacker / spy vigilantes, "Module" has access to servers and satellites galore to take down human trafficking rings, while avoiding actual entanglement in government bureaucracy.

He becomes Chris' mission control / sidekick out of gratitude for Chris saving his niece Amanda from the Hebbleskins and Gleeful-N'-Young. Yet, he's aware that his wife, Lisa, feels slightly uncomfortable with the lawless and unpredictable Chris around.

Padua initiated as part of a charity gone awry of the Catholic Church, but severed ties when too much of the church was infiltrated by Padua's enemies, jeopardizing both the church and Padua's mission.

Module wishes to maintain a ruse that he's a solid Christian family man at home and around neighbors; but wrestles morally with the fact that he's secretly aiding and abetting a psycho killer - one with whom his interests temporarily align.