Main Characters

Trace Legacy

Trace was born into a poor family, but his talents in magic were quickly recognized and he eventually became the Grand Templar. He was a tyrant, feared by Humans and Keidran alike. However, his memories were stolen from him, along with his deep-seeded hatred for Keidran.

Flora of the Rainforest Tiger Tribe

At the age of three her home was attacked by slave traders. Her parents were killed and she was sold into slavery. Flora was lucky enough to be reluctantly purchased by a friendly human family, who chose to pay off the debt. She has recently been freed.

Keith Keiser

His father was a General of the military and mother was a soldier. Like all Basitins he eventually joined the military at 8 years of age, but Keith was blamed for his parents death and banished. He was ordered not to return until he brought back the Grand Templar.