Main Characters

Georgia Rainier

A struggling artist who is also suffering from depression which was brought on by a cascade of things going wrong. Although she is currently disinterested in most things, Georgia enjoys nature and spends a great deal of time lying on her front porch in her garden.

Rita O’Halloran

Rita is acutely aware of her best friend Georgina’s struggles and is trying her best to be of help. She has an unrivaled love of pastry, and more often than not frequently visits Georgia’s house bearing gifts of fresh baked pastries, some of which she has made herself.

Ean O’Halloran

Rita’s cousin and childhood friend to Georgia, Ean has come to town after his college graduation purportedly in search of work. More even tempered than his cousin Rita, Ean is kind but perhaps also a little blissfully ignorant of things. He enjoys a good time more than anything and has been known to be a little lazy.