Main Characters

Anya Katsukova

Anya fled with her family to this country while she was still small after civil unrest in her own. She is studying to become a doctor, and is currently a nurse underneath the guidance of Doctor Blythe. She's very dedicated to her work and is always concerned about the health of those around her.

Jonas Faulkner

A gentleman whose casual mannerisms contradict his apparent high-class background. He landed in the town of Esk after suffering near-fatal wounds at the hands of a hitherto unknown assailant. He's charming and witty at his best, arrogant and manipulative at his worst.

Robyn Hart

An ex-soldier, Robyn left the military to return to a quieter life in the countryside raising Ester Caribou and training the young village men in shooting and fencing. He can be a little forceful, overbearing and controlling at times, but he has a strong sense of justice and isn't easily fooled.